Hire UAV Pro doesn’t just get you the best in aerial photo, video, but we also are here to help produce your video for you. Our production company, Ideascape Media, is a creative agency and full service video production company based in Denver, Colorado¬†that creates high-end commercial, corporate, digital and branded content. Productions can be made to fit any budget, or scaled to fit any type of production.

Our clients are impressed at the solution we offer for consistent production for projects that span across multiple states or even countries. As the central repository, we can manage your project from start to finish even if your project started in Chicago and ended in Singapore. We’ll provide you with professional looking branded motion graphics, sound, voice over, and fully edited video that is ready for broadcast or web.

Or maybe your project relies upon graphics or animation. Our studio can take drone footage and put any model right into the footage so that you can visualize a development long before you break ground – a truly visual rendering. Or perhaps you’d like to show your potential customers the neighborhood. The drone perspective coupled with clean graphics pointing out the proximity to other neighborhoods, stores, museums, stadiums, and transportation are key to selling both residential and commercial property.

Contact us today and let’s get started on your project.