The Ultimate 4/20 Drone Show: Jeeter LA

The Ultimate 4/20 Drone Show: Jeeter LA

In a fitting homage to the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley, Los Angeles witnessed an unprecedented celebration on April 20th, as the night sky became the canvas for a mesmerizing drone show. Presented by Jeeter, one of the premium weed brands in the United States, the event soared to new heights, captivating audiences with its blend of technology, music, and cultural significance.

Hosted by none other than NBA icon Dwayne Wade, the evening promised a journey through the legacy of Bob Marley, seamlessly blending his timeless music with cutting-edge drone technology. As dusk fell over the City of Angels, anticipation mounted for a spectacle unlike any other.

The stage was set, both literally and figuratively, for an unforgettable experience. Against the backdrop of the sprawling Los Angeles skyline, the drones took flight, choreographed to recreate iconic imagery associated with Bob Marley’s life and music. From the vibrant colors of Jamaican landscapes to the powerful symbolism of the Rastafarian culture, each sequence paid tribute to the indelible mark Marley left on the world.

But it wasn’t just about the visuals. The soundtrack to this aerial extravaganza was provided by a lineup befitting Marley’s legacy. The Marley brothers themselves, Damian and Ziggy, took to the stage, their voices echoing through the night as they performed some of their father’s most beloved hits. Joined by hip-hop luminary Busta Rhymes, the concert transcended genres, uniting fans old and new in a celebration of music’s power to inspire and uplift.


For Jeeter, the event was more than just a sponsorship opportunity; it was a chance to align with Marley’s message of unity, peace, and the healing properties of cannabis. As one of the leading brands in the burgeoning legal weed market, Jeeter has long championed the responsible use of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The Bob Marley Drone Show provided a platform to reinforce this commitment, promoting a culture of mindfulness and wellness within the cannabis community.

But perhaps the most poignant moment of the evening came when the drones formed the image of Bob Marley himself, his iconic silhouette bathed in light against the dark canvas of the night sky. It was a reminder of the man whose music continues to resonate across generations, transcending borders and boundaries with its message of love and unity.

As the final notes of “One Love” filled the air, there was a sense of collective euphoria among the crowd gathered below. For a brief moment, the world seemed to stand still, united in its appreciation for the man whose spirit had brought them all together.

In a city known for its glitz and glamour, the Bob Marley Drone Show stood out as a beacon of authenticity and substance. Through the marriage of technology, music, and culture, it honored the legacy of a true musical icon, reminding us all of the power of art to inspire, uplift, and bring us closer together. And as the drones faded into the night, their mission accomplished, they left behind a sky illuminated not just by lights, but by the enduring spirit of Bob Marley himself.

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