Hireuavpro.com is website under ownership of Ideascape Media LLC in Denver, Colorado. Hireuavpro.com is intended to facilitate interactions between organizations searching for drone pilots, operators, and businesses, and entities who’s core business function is professional drone operations.

Ideascape Media LLC accepts no liability for any operation of a drone by a business entity bidding on and accepting work through the hireuavpro.com job board. All freelancers are encouraged to produce drone insurance coverage and a legal authority to fly by way of Section 333 or 107. However, obtaining a copy of this information is the sole responsibility of the entity looking to hire a drone pilot.

1. Licensing

Any and all intellectual property in the form of hard copy, digital, or web-based property can and should be licensed directly with the drone operator. Hireuavpro.com does not accept any liability in claims made for or against the licensing of footage captured by drone pilots signed up at hireuavpro.com/jobs.

2. Drone Jobs

Drone jobs are posted solely by recruiters at their own discretion. Hireuavpro.com does not guarantee the completed sale or hire of any jobs on the hireuavpro.com jobs board. Any jobs that appear to be phishing or spam should be reported to hireuavpro.com for review.

3. Support Policy

We provide support by way of the hireuavpro.com live chat function, or through direct email and phone support. We are located in Denver, Colorado with main hours of operation as 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with limited support after hours.

6. Refund Policy

Hireuavpro.com is intended to service drone operators searching for drone jobs, or marketing their business through the world’s best drone jobs SEO.

Hireuavpro.com will not refund the bid or sale of drone business listings without substantial claim that their bid was not processed or their listing was not made available.

8. Account Termination

Hireuavpro.com reserves the right to terminate a user’s account if use of the account violates our intent to be an open and professional drone job platform.