Singapore Drone Laws

The following drone laws in Singapore apply to anyone flying a drone in Singapore for recreational purposes

  • Do not fly your drone above 200 feet
  • You cannot drop anything from a drone
  • You cannot carry dangerous materials such as weapons or bio-chemical or radioactive material
  • Do not fly over crowds
  • Do not fly where you may interfere with emergency service providers
  • Do not fly over moving vehicles where you may endanger or distract drivers
  • Fly in good weather and visibility
  • Maintain sufficient distance from people, property and other aircraft
  • You cannot take photos of Changi Airport, Istana, Parliament house, Supreme court, Peya Lebar Airbase, government buildings, military camps and bases or naval dockyards without a activity permit
  • You cannot fly a drone over 7kg without a operator and activity permit
  • An activity permit is required if your drone poses potential risks to the public or will be flown in a restricted area
  • You will require no permits or special permission to fly a drone under 7kg in Singapore for recreational use, while not posing any risks to public safety and not taking any photos of the above places listed

Commercial Singapore Drone Laws

  • When flying a drone in Singapore for commercial purposes you must adhere to the Singapore drone laws listed above and also obtain a operator permit and activity permit, regardless of the drones weight for commercial purposes


  • Activity permits are valid for a single activity
  • Operator permits are valid for up to a year
  • Permits can be applied for here on the CAAS website and take approximately 2 weeks to process the application

Flying Drones In Singapore

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