uasprofessionalsUAS Professionals, Inc. and have teamed as partners¬†to allow current and future drone pilots to have the ability to get the full life-cycle of the industry in one place. UAS Professionals, Inc. facilitates the education of aspiring drone pilots through the University of Denver UAV and GIS program – one of only 2 program in the entire country to do so. From there, industry-specific training and Section 333 guidance, filing, and submission gets the pilot to the point of finding a job. And that’s where they, along with, take it one step further. Coming soon, this partnership will create a thriving job board full of jobs that qualified drone candidates can apply for and get so long as they meet certain requirements. These are not just jobs flying a one-time, one day gig, but months-long contract that pay well and will help establish you in the drone industry for years to come.

We are very excited to also announce that UAS Professionals as of May 14th, 2015 has received their FAA Section 333 exemption. Find out how you can be a part of and UAS Professionals, Inc. new forged partnership!