These are the current drone regulations for NewZealand. They are always changing. Always contact us at Hire UAV Pro for any questions:

New Zealand Drone Laws

The following are new Zealand drone laws applicable when flying a drone in New Zealand for recreational or commercial use

  • Do NOT fly your drone over 400 feet
  • Do NOT fly your drone at night
  • Do NOT fly your drone within 4Km of an airfield
  • Do NOT operate your drone in a way that may cause a hazard, eg, near people or property
  • Know your responsibilities as pilot in command of a drone
  • Always fly your drone within line of sight
  • Before you fly your drone, check for airspace restrictions – controlled airspace, low-flying zones, danger areas, restricted areas and military operational areas
  • You must have clear visibility for at least 3 kilometers

New Zealand Commercial Drone Laws

Commercial drone operations are allowed in New Zealand as long as they comply with the above New Zealand drone laws.

Drone Insurance In New Zealand

Drone operation in New Zealand does not require operators to hold insurance, however it is highly recommended to avoid the risk of facing substantial expenses arising from an accident. To see drone insurance providers & rates in New Zealand click here.

Flying Drones In New Zealand

Hire UAV Pro has many drone businesses and operators ready to assist in New Zealand listed on our website. You can also register your business at to be amongst one of the most trafficked websites in the world for drone pilots and businesses. For any further questions, always refer to us by contacting directly.