Vortex Aerial specializes in the capture of aerial video and photography via the use of remote control unmanned drone helicopters and octocopters.

By this unique method we solidify your creative vision through a seamless and reliable integration into your production. With eight years in business, our Los Angeles area, Southern California base possesses the creative edge and technical know how that makes Vortex Aerial the clear choice for your production goals and we have the long standing track record, “client list”, and referral base to prove it !

Having now implemented the new Freefly MoVI 3 axis hot head as well as the new 6K Red Dragon Carbon Fiber Epic camera into our equipment arsenal and coupling it all to our proprietary coaxial quad multi rotor helicopters, REST ASSURED OF THE HIGHEST PRODUCTION VALUE R/C AERIAL SHOOTING PACKAGE IN EXISTENCE TODAY!

Goto the “technology” tab for further equipment details.

Payload and connectivity capable, Vortex readily carries the Red Epic (5K and 6K), Phantom Miro, Canon C300/500, 5D MKII/MKIII, Black Magic Cinema and pocket, FS100/700, NEX7/GH3 camera systems.

Just a few of the locations we deploy to include: Alberta, Manatoba, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Miami, Montana, Moab Utah, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Denver Colorado, Austin Tx, Dallas Tx, Vancouver, Ontario, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, London, Asia, Alaska, and Australia.

Our aerial helicam systems operate over a diverse variety of terrain including hard scape, water, sand, trees, canyons, ravines ect. Limited only by the creatives imagination.

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