US Aerial Video (UAV) is an unmanned aerial system support and development company based in Pittsburgh, PA. We implement the latest technologies to develop aerial platforms to suit a wide range of image gathering functions. Whether it be up close and personal for visual inspection and production purposes or high altitude imaging, our systems can deliver. We at UAV call upon our many years of experience in remotely operated fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, as well as over 15 years of video and production work to serve our customers needs. Let us assist you in getting the aerial perspective you need.

US Aerial Video provides aerial video and images using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our custom built UAV platforms are capable of gathering footage much faster and safer than using conventional methods. High definition video and images are captured using gyro stabilized cameras, combined with state of the art video transmission and clean electric power.

Promotional:    Marketing/promotional video

Infrastructure:  Inspection: Bridges, towers, transmission lines, cooling towers, flares, wind turbines, silos…

Planning:           Construction site planning & progress, real estate and insurance

Production:      We can provide our product from raw footage to a finished video edit

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