About Us
We pride ourselves on creating breathtaking Aerial Cinematography for clients in the Television & Film industry, Real Estate, Land Development, Weddings, and more. We carry everything from GoPros, to film grade DSLRs, and now the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. We currently fly two custom made quadcopters, DJI S1000 Octocopter, and soon to be a DJI S900. We love what we do and it shows in our quality of work. Our copters are equipped with the state of the art Zenmuse Z15 gimbal system that can tilt, roll, and pan 360 degrees. This gives our camera operator an unlimited range of motion and be able to follow the subject as we fly to get that extraordinary shot you are looking for.

Our Team
We have more than 45+ years of experience in the Remote Control industry. We build, fly and sell custom made planes/heli/multicopters on our down time.

We Go Where You Need Us
We are located in the heart of Orlando. However, we go where you need us to go. Whether that is another State or internationally, we are there providing you with aerial cinematography.

Aerial Cinematography, Drone, UAV, Film, TelevisionAerial Cinematography, Drone, UAV, Film, TelevisionAerial Cinematography, Drone, UAV, Film, Television


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