North Guardian UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Services Canada is a UAV (drone) service company that offers real-time video and high resolution aerial images on demand. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the superior alternative to flying expensive traditional aircraft for aerial surveillance and rescue efforts. They provide images for aerial photography, exploration, disaster recovery, and a multitude of other uses.

The North Guardian UAV service is an easy to use package that contains a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and mobile ground station as well as highly skilled operators. The North Guardian ground station makes this data available to the end user through video and audio recording equipment on-board the North Guardian UAV gains needed visual/audio data for real-time analysis.  Surveillance and monitoring of telemetry is accomplished from the operator’s seat at the ground station. The Ground Station is a small and easy to store package that allows North Guardian UAV Services to be easily deployed in the field without the use of runways or airports.

Governments and Corporate businesses around the world are starting to notice their need to obtain UAV (drone) technology to stay competitive in their own fields as well. North Guardian UAV Services Canada enables clients to gain a competitive edge in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner with no emissions.

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