Helicam India is a professional Aerial Photography and Video Production company creating unique digital media for a wide array of clients. We fly remote controlled helicopters (HELICAM) for a new type of low altitude, elevated and creative aerial media that few have seen. This is a perspective that will captivate and amaze your audience! The camera can now fly up high and or Close and capture the perspective that you thought it was “impossible” point of view and angle.


We offer wide variety of Helicam platforms to shoot from depending on the shot, the scenario and the location.

We can offer Remote Control Helicopter, Remote Control Multi Rotors, Remote Control Fixed Wing Airplanes and Kites and Helium Balloons too.

We shoot from a Professional Digital Camera; a full frame Canon 5D Mkii Camera and provide .raw format images and true HD 1080P video footage in 24fps, 25fps or 30fps. We also offer the clients to shoot in their choice of camera.

We primarily fly a Gyro Stabilised Remote Control Helicopter or a Multirotor which is an industrial flying machine which certified to lift a professional camera. We can fly up close to the subject as near as 20 feet and go as high as 500feet.

We shoot from a full frame Canon 5D Mkii or Mkiii Pro Digital camera. We could also shoot from a Canon 550D, Canon 600D, GoPro HD, Panasonic AGAF100, Sony Alpha Series NEX5 and NEX7, Black Magic Cinema Camera. We could also shoot from a Red Epic camera if given enough time for testing.

Our custom made Helicam can provide HD Aerial Footage for Feature Films, Television Reality Show, Television Series, Sports Events, Advertisement Commercials, Documentaries and many more.

For the Real Estate market we offer Aerial Photographs and Video for Inspection, birds eye view of their fully developed property or under Construction/Development, Industries and Factories. For the Resorts and Hospitality industry too this service is very helpful to give your clients the overall view of your property at a glance. In short whatever the industry is we take care of all your Aerial Media needs.

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