Global Unmanned Systems has been created to unlock the potential of the use of UAVs as cost effective tools for data acquisition and monitoring, particularly in the extractive industries. GUS was founded by professional consultants who routinely use remotely sensed data in their professions. We pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients on the capture, production, management and utilisation of geospatial data from inception to delivery, including maximising the ongoing value of the data acquired. GUS is able to provide highly skilled project managers, earth scientists, spatial data specialists and UAV technical specialists to create an integrated cradle to grave approach for platform selection and data gathering, processing, analysis and reporting.

GUS is committed to high Health and Safety (H&S) standards throughout our activities. GUS will comply with all applicable laws and government rules and regulations in all countries in which we work.

GUS has the following objectives:

Prevent all workplace accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses
Continually strive to improve our H&S performance
Continue to promote the world’s best practice for activities within our industry.
We achieve this by:

Hiring competent staff and clearly defining their responsibilities
Identifying, assessing and managing H&S risks to people as an integral part of the business
A selection of competent subcontractors and suppliers to support the Company
Reporting and investigating incidents to ensure appropriate lessons are learned
Monitoring H&S performance through periodic management reviews and implementing improvements
Provide appropriate H&S training to all employees as required
Encouraging consultation with all stakeholders to enable continuous improvement to existing systems based on practical implementation and observation
Closely monitoring market and customer needs to identify and act upon opportunities for improvement and to satisfy customer requirements
Ensure service and technical support to our suppliers and customers is responsive,

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