Aerial Photography and Video Production

Do you wish to capture Photos and Videos from unique perspectives?  We simply elevate the camera to new heights! Quick, easy and inexpensive with our drones!

We fly high-tech RC helicopters with mounted professional DSLR cameras.

We can capture sharp aerial images from all new angles. Due to the low minimum flight altitude we reach unique perspectives, which are not possible with manned aircraft or helicopters.

Through the flexible application and the separate control of the UAV and camera, our drones are particularly suitable for all types of video productions.


  • Aerial drone photography
  • video production
  • cinematography
  • inspection
  • documentation


  • professional DSLR
  • up to 36 Megapixel
  • Full-HD Video
  • live-view on the ground
  • 360°/90° pan/tilt

Your benefits

  • better perspectives
  • more flexible
  • cost effective
  • quiet and fast
  • stable, vibration free

Aerial Shots

Stable video flights just above the water or aerial photography of 20, 50 or 100 meters. We fly where you always have wanted your camera.

Experience completely new aerial photography and video flights from unique perspectives. Our UAVs provide high-resolution aerial images and HD video in low or high altitude.

We close the gap between high stands and manned aircraft. The technology is ready to use in less than 10 minutes and provides a maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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Our Address:

Am Schafbrinke 4 30519 Hannover Germany


52.3405981, 9.779707700000017

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