We move with the times and is therefore called from 4.1.2014 . But otherwise nothing changes, we will continue to offer professional photographs and video clips from the air, tailored to your individual needs. To achieve the best possible outcome for you, we use state of the art, remote-controlled Multicopter from its own development, which can capture stunning images with high resolution cameras with a range of about 1.5 km and an altitude up to 300 m. In addition, all video cameras used are equipped with actively controlled stabilizers and thus insensitive to external influences such as strong wind. By using a video-ground station it is even possible that you can monitor and help shape the shoot and any photo-shoot live as a customer.

Our Copter break the limits of what is possible and open up a new horizon for your ideas.Let your creativity in cooperation with our young and competent team run free, together we will be your customers and viewers create for you an unforgettable and visually stunning experience. The following list provides ever in advance a small selection of possible scenarios and Inspirations:

  • Crisp photos from previously unimaginable perspectives (80 megapixels and more)
  • Effective all-round panorama, if desired interactive panoramas for your website
  • Extremely smooth-running tracking shots (even in bad terrain walk)
  • Dynamic flyover shots
  • Object tracking of constant and changing perspectives
  • (Are flight paths and camera orientations can be saved and flown autonomously) Bauentwicklungsdokumentation
  • TV / image and documentaries
  • Sports photography
  • Inspection of sparingly soluble or inaccessible objects (wind turbines, bridges, etc.)
  • Aerial photography for your events, trade shows and other major events
  • Site survey by built-in GPS positioning
  • Use both all conceivable application areas (over any type of terrain, and even water)
  • Recordings with effective speeds up to 70km / h
  • High-speed shooting at up to 100 frames per second
  • and much more.

From the idea to the finished result list in Hollywood movie quality – We are your partner and take over design, planning, shooting and even cut and post for you. We already have the necessary approvals rise in space Hesse, but if necessary authorizations may be requested at any time for the other provinces. We cordially invite you to: Look around and see for yourself the quality of our technology and recordings . Do not hesitate to arrange a demonstration today – we look forward to you and your ideas!

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