Choppercam is Australia’s longest operating UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) company.
Choppercam helped set the rules and regulations that now govern the use of UAV for aerial photography and videography purposes in Australia.

We are fully licensed and authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for the provision of all our services.
To view a copy of our UAV Operator’s Certificate click HERE

With over 50 years combined experience operating radio-controlled aircraft and an extensive background
in the film and photography industry, you have found the right people for any aerial requirement you may have.

We currently have operators based in Melbourne and Tasmania, but can service all capital cities nationally and internationally.

Choppercam makes aerial photography affordable for everyone! We offer a number of packages specifically tailored for Real Estate photography starting from as little as $250. Our state of the art aircrafts allow for images and video to be captured from virtually any angle. There is no better way to show off your entire property than with high quality close range aerial photographs.

Choppercam’s value and flexibility make it ideal for outdoor event aerial photography and videography.

Our remote aerial platform enables us to capture professional-grade video and images without the need for traditional support equipment, such as camera cranes, cherry pickers and full-size aerial vehicles. We’re also equipped to capture smooth visuals from a range of perspectives anywhere between knee-height and 400 feet (120 m), ensuring there’s always a wealth of material to choose from.

The use of professional-grade camera equipment ensures that all media we capture is suitable for almost any requirement.

Photographic images are perfect for online and print material of just about any size. Furthermore, 360 degree panoramas can also be achieved, and are a great way to show off the event’s facilities or location. Click here Sydney Aerial to see the example.

Aerial video is a fantastic medium for grabbing attendee attention and therefore, particularly effective within pre and post event campaigns.

Due to our equipments compact form factor, Choppercam can also operate within large indoor spaces, providing the tools to quickly showcase such expanses.

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