The DPs Holger Fleig (bvk) and Volker Tittel (bvk) were overcome in search of a recording system that flies remotely, enabling recordings that neither steadicam nor filmcrane, Wescam / Tailor Mount in manned helicopters for several years. Too often they had been subjected as a camera crew during filming of organizational, technical or financial reasons restrictions. 
The first tests and jobs with the CopterCam were promising. The innovative recording techniques talked about in the industry and it was followed by major awards. 
Treasury, acquired over many years of experience as an image designer for television and cinema made ​​Holger Fleig and Volker Tittel to competent partners for DoP colleagues and directors to their visual ideas technically and artistic implement. 
According to numerous operations of CopterCam in documentary and feature film, advertising and film industry in the increasingly demanding tasks required a redesign of the CopterCam the first hour. Modern high-resolution cameras such as the RED Epic need more powerful engines for lifting. The designer and designer Dieter Wurster took up the challenge and developed exclusively for the new campilots Multikopter V1 and a matched remote head. A technically and visually outstanding device that claims of professional cameramen and directors will meet. 
Moreover, the HD shoot in case of need in post-production can be finely adjusted. The campilots work with cutting-edge 3-D tracking software.

Since 2011 Jürgen Christa (camera assistant and sound engineer) works as a pilot for further campilots, so that two teams can be in use simultaneously.

The rapid development of digital movie cameras to 5K resolution inspire the campilots continue: exciting “tools” are in development!

In September 2010, the “Cinec Award 2010” and in December 2010 the campilots in Munich received under the Cinec then even the 25,000, – € doped “Innovation Prize of the German film”, presented by Culture Minister Bernd Neumann. 
For the feature-length documentary “Vatican – The Hidden World” – the aerial shots in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican were the “birth” of campilots been – were Richard Ladkani (director and camera) and Volker Tittel (camera) in 2011 awarded the Bavarian Television Award. 
And when Cinec 2012 got the campilots together with designer Dieter Wurster once more the Cinec Award, this time for a newly developed “tool”, the CableCam.

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