Bladeworx is a photography, production and media company that provides multidisciplinary photography and unique, groundbreaking production services based on the creative use of UAV’s and cutting edge robotic systems.  The company’s photography and production capabilities enable the creation of exceptional cinematic quality films and pictures, offering sharp and stable results from unique angles, while integrating additional applications.  The company’s customer base consists of a broad array of private and public clients, including Channel 2 News, Sport 5, film and television production companies, marketing and promotional companies, public organizations, government authorities and more.

Ran Kraus and Amir Zalich founded Bladeworx in 2012 as a Forum-Tech venture sponsored by the Be’er Sheva Forum Group.  The company combines technological capabilities with robotics, photography and production.  Bladeworx operates nationwide and is managed out of two branches in Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv.  The company has an operations department that specializes in coordinating, planning and executing aerial activities, a photography department that specializes in technical operation of robotic photography systems, editing, production. Bladeworx’s flight and engineering departments specializes in maintenance and development of operation methodologies. The company employs an exceptionally professional crew comprised of engineers, pilots, photographers, operational and production professionals – all of whom operate as an organic crew.  In addition to its media activity, the company operates additional departments that specialize in other fields relating to the operation of lightweight UAV’s.

Being a young company with strong financial backing, Bladeworx maintains the highest standards of operation.  The company holds the first license of its kind in Israel, enabling them to commercially operate small UAV’s, it is supervised by the Civil Aviation Authority and holds full insurance coverage.  All professionals working in our crews undergo the highest level of training and the UAV operators hold commercial flying licenses.

Bladeworx owns a fleet of Multirotor UAV’s and other UAV of varying sizes and types.  The company operates crews comprised of professional operators and photographers with an academic background, who have undergone training by the company and have been authorized to operate the systems as required by law.  Every work crew is comprised of the following: a glider pilot holding a Ministry of Transportation license a photographer and other crewmembers as required, who complete dozens of glider photography sorties, before obtaining company certification.

Bladeworx is ready to any challenge and it is committed to providing the highest level of reliable, quality and safe services.  We aim to innovate and provide our clients with unique products and an uncompromising visual experience of innovation, professionalism and creativity.

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