Italy Drone Laws

  • You may not fly your drone over 230 feet
  • You may not fly your drone further than 490 feet horizontally or out of visual line of sight
  • You may not carry dangerous goods on your drone
  • You may not fly your drone over populated areas, gatherings, beaches, national parks, urban areas, infrastructures, railways, highways and industrial plants
  • You must stay at least 8km away from aerodromes
  • You must only fly your drone during daylight
  • Your drone must weigh under 25kg
  • You must keep your drone 50m away from persons/property not under control of the drone operator
  • You must carry third party insurance

Drone Insurance

  • Italy drone laws require all drone operators to carry third party liability insurance
  • To see insurance providers & rates for drone operation in Italy click here.

Flying Drones In Italy

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