Hire UAV Pro Job Bidding

We’ve begun re-developing our Jobs Board, drawing from the comments and requests we’ve received over the past several months. These new implementations will allow registered drone operators to bid on jobs, get job location, receive nightly job board updates, and add additional information in their bid.

Creating the platform that is best-suited to be used by both companies hiring drone businesses as well as freelancers, drone pilots, businesses, or even larger drone companies is a difficult task, and one that we’ve done a pretty average job at so far. We realize that.

As the CEO of Hire UAV Pro, however, I’ve kept my personal phone line open to any and all comments, questions, and concerns. I am dedicated to making this an integral part of your business. I want to hear from you so I can immediately fix, update, or provide further instruction on any of your comments. Without you our job board and mainpage with our drone map would be useless.

We are seeing significant job growth on our website, which we share directly to those that sign-up. We’ve seen jobs posted by National Geographic, House Hunters, and The Discovery Channel. We’ve seen projects that last 2 hours and projects that last 4 months. Hire UAV Pro isn’t just a source of drone jobs: Hire UAV Pro is becoming an educational tool that allows you to compare your business with other professionals, and allows you to interact with real hiring managers that would otherwise not have access to you.

We at Hire UAV Pro appreciate your continued support of our mission – to ensure a professional drone industry now and into the future.

About UAVpros

The Hire UAV Pros are the United States leader in producing drone light shows. With years of experience, technologically-advanced equipment, and an impeccable safety record, Hire UAV Pro will deliver any size drone light show to you.