City, County, and Government Agency Drone Training and Data Acquisition Solutions

UAS, or drone training and program development is helping push cities and counties across the United States into a new era of data acquisition that improves the safety of citizens, the security of key infrastructure, and streamlines the decision-making process across many departments such as Public Works, Streets Department, Fire, Police, and many others. When you implement a drone program, will work with you no matter on size or scale, number of departments involved, or type of services or data desired.

Flight Demonstration and Consulting will start with a full flight demonstration and consultation. This is the best way to understand how a UAS, or drone program would work in your city, county, or for your government agency. We’ll plan the demo as it applies to your¬†program, and ensure all attendees walk away with a full understanding of our services in training and in managing a UAS program.

Flight demonstration

Drone Training

Training Modules for FAA, Drone Systems, Drone Data Acquisition, and Data Processing has an advanced team of professional flight instructors with decades of experience in aviation, military applications, and medic training. Our team will bring our advanced training modules to your location to ensure that all city, county, and department staff are fully-trained and ready to get all necessary legal and practice training for successful drone operations.


  • National Airspace knowledge training
  • Weather for UAS systems training
  • Pre-flight checklist knowledge training
  • Pilot in command SOPs
  • Lost Link/Equipment malfunction SOPs
  • Guaranteed successful completion of Part 107 for FAA

Drone Systems

  • Drone manufacturer module
  • Flight application(s) module
  • Drone maintenance module
  • Pre-flight checklist module
  • Outdoor flying module
  • Flight knowledge testing module

Data Acquisition

  • Photography training module
  • Video training module
  • Autonomous operations module
  • Photogrammetry module
  • Editing module

Data Processing

  • Data types/sources module
  • Data processing software module
  • Data analysis module
  • SOPs for best data acquisition

Drone Program Focus Areas

Our drone training program and drone services cater to a wide variety of city and county departments. Here are some of the key departments that our drone training is catered towards.







Drone Program Support

With so much available information about drones and the drone industry, there are a lot of entities claiming to be professional drone companies. differentiates itself with executive staff with decades in the drone industry, and by only promoting and working with the top professionals in the drone industry. You’ll have an instructor and training program from a top flight instructor. You’ll also have custom support for all of your photography, video, and mapping data so that there will be no lag going from your training program to using the tools at your disposal. We’ll make sure you have the right equipment, training, cloud-based support, and ongoing support staff if you ever need to update or troubleshoot any of your drone services.

Certified Drone Professional Support

Ensure your UAS or Drone program is taught by the best.

Cloud Data Storage Support

Cloud-based data storage and analysis with our partner VScenario.

Contact us to get started

Contact us today and we’ll be ready to start with a free consultation, as well as a live demonstration of how our program works. We’re excited to work with you on bringing a UAS program to your city, county, or department.

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