Drones for Construction? FAA still saying ‘no’

Drones for Construction? FAA still saying ‘no’

We don’t want to get political – that’s not what hireuavpro.com is all about. However, if you read the national news everyday and search for the term ‘drone’, you can’t help but scratch your head at what the United States is doing to small businesses and other industries looking to enlist the help of UAVs.

Take for example the Sioux Falls, Iowa city drone. The drone, a DJI Phantom, was purchased to help with city projects and no doubt reduce the cost of construction inspection and monitoring by having a cheap and easy way to view the progress from the air.

That was, until, the FAA found out and has grounded the drone ever since.

Now we are all in favor of safe, regulated drone use. But, this is a far different case of an agency that is planning to use it safely, as they are already insured. Furthermore, they have no intentions of flying beyond the guidelines the FAA has set up for hobbyists (400 feet, line of sight), yet they are treated as if they’ve violated some major law. A major law that should already be history.

So bear with our country as we will no doubt continue to scratch our heads over the lack of regulations that favor small businesses and start-ups looking to employ drones the right way in the United States.

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