screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-9-53-42-am drone cage and obstacle course at UTM 2016 in Syracuse, NY

Whether you are hosting an event, party, trade show, or are a business, municipality, or government agency that is thinking about employing the services of a drone company but want to see the drones in action then a drone demonstration is right for you.

Hire UAV Pro will schedule you a professional drone operator team to come in and demonstrate several different drones for you so that you can understand, and in some cases even learn to operate, this growing technology.

Hire UAV Pro has presented at trade shows like the BIA-Kelsey and TED MED, and has already booked many more in the near future. Whatever the event, Hire UAV Pro will be there so you can see drones up close in action.


  1. The standard drone demonstration, which is typically a single operator flying one drone for a group of people, is very beneficial to people that have not had any experience with a drone. The goal is to talk through the most common drone used commercially (typically the P3 or Inspire 1). Larger drone models used for flying larger cameras also are on display.
  2. The professional drone demonstration is for those that are aware of drones and what they are capable of, but are interested in a more hands-on experience. In this case, we construct a cage, or netted enclosure so that participants may sign a waiver and enter the area to participate in the operation of the drone. Larger drone models used for flying larger cameras also are on display.