These are the current drone regulations for Australia. They are always changing. Always contact us at Hire UAV Pro for any questions:

General Australia Drone Laws

  • You may NOT fly your drone closer than 30 meters to vehicles, boats or buildings that are on private property, or you must have explicit permission from the private property owner.
  • You may NOT fly your drone over populated areas such as beaches, other peoples backyards, heavily populated parks or sports areas where games are currently in session.
  • You may NOT operate your drone within 5.5 Km radius of any aerodrome, airfield, airport, seaplane taking off or landing, or helicopter landing sites located at hospitals, police stations or other locations. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be aware of your surroundings and ignorance is no defense.
  • You may ONLY operate your drone during daylight.
  • You MUST ONLY operate your drone in good weather conditions and maintain visual contact with your UAV at all times.
  • You may NOT fly your drone above 400 feet (123 meters).
  • UAV must NOT drop or discharge an object from your drone that poses a risk to another aircraft, persons or property.
  • Approval is required for operation of a drone weighing 150 Kilograms (fixed wing) or 100 Kilograms (rotary wing).
  • A drone must NOT be operated within 30 meters of a person not directly associated with the operation of that UAV.
  • You may NOT operate a drone using FPV equipment.

Commerical Australia Drone Laws

  • It is illegal to fly a drone for commercial gain without a license.


Steps for obtaining your license

      1. Obtain an ARA number from the CASA. The following link has the form to complete to obtain an ARA number. The form can be found here – Form 1162 . Please complete the form and scan it along with one piece of identification to
      2. Purchase reading material to study for a Private Pilot License and Basic Aviation Knowledge Theory exam.
      3. You are required to obtain a Aircraft Radio Operator Certificate. Information regarding what this entails is available here.
      4. Take the Basic Aviation Knowledge exam at an accredited institution and the Private Pilot License theory exam at a local flying school with at least 70%.
      5. You must log at least 5 hours of aeronautical experience on your UAV.
      6. Send the completed UAV Controller Certificate application form to the CASA Licensing and Registration Center at The form can be found here.

Australia Drone Insurance

Insurance is not required for drone operations in Australia but is highly recommended to avoid costly damage to your/another persons property arising from loss of control when operating a drone. To see insurance providers & rates for drone operation in Australia click here.

Flying Drones In Australia

Hire UAV Pro has many drone businesses and operators ready to assist in Australia listed on our website. You can also register your business at to be amongst one of the most trafficked websites in the world for drone pilots and businesses. For any further questions, always refer to us by contacting directly.