Amazon hiring for “Drone Team”

Amazon appears to remain committed to bringing goods to customers via drone, or UAV, and has recently begun to post job listings for various positions inside the company. In an industry as advanced and new as drone delivery it should be expected that these job postings are anything but the normal job listing. They do not disappoint.

Communications Manager:

“high-visibility position where you’ll work directly with Amazon senior executives. . . . You move very fast and think big. ”

“comfortable dealing with ambiguity and able to form a cohesive and effective outcome from potentially incongruous facts.”

These are not your common job requirements. For most, it’s hard to even discern what that means. It’s possible that no one is qualified for the position because this type of service on this scale has never been attempted, and the logistics pose a nightmare from individual liability up to conflicts within FAA airspace.

Amazon also seeks a lawyer specializing in drone patents, and a PR person who will, no doubt, have their hands full trying to paint a rosy picture as half the country goes up in arms over the astounding numbers of drones filling the skies.

article courtesy: Forbes

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