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You are here Home  > >  Denver Drone Shows Drone Shows, in Denver, Colorado, are part of a new, emerging entertainment option that has the potential to completely replace fireworks in the near future. Drone Shows are a hot new trend in entertainment, with many applications in sports, music, and holiday events. Our drone shows, through FAA waivers, can be operated indoors or outdoors anywhere in the Denver area. Drone Shows also offer an unrivaled option to traditional fireworks shows that are often banned due to persistent fire bans in the summer.


From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll begin gathering as much information as we can about your show so that we can best accommodate you and bring to life your drone show

We are experts in piloting unmanned aircraft, with a team of FAA licensed drone operators. We’ll make sure that all legal and technical issues are addressed up front.

Once the legal hurdles are behind us, we’ll begin designing your show. Our design team will deliver mock-ups, 3D animations, and eventually the proof of concept for your large drone show.

We will dedicate a professional team to run the show each time you plan to use it. Or, for indoor applications, we can train your team to run it, greatly reducing your costs.




Our pre-programmed drone show features 8 drones flying in formation over a carpet. They can perform one of 10 different formation flying options. The show can be immediately run again after batteries are changed. The show lengths range from 2:45 – 3:45. We can provide supplemental items such as a projector and screen for broadcasting your logo.


Our light show features drones that have lights on the front that will always be facing the crowd that change and function as one cohesive unity. These shows can be run in the dark so that the drone show is the only thing illuminating the show area. These drone shows start at 8 drones, but can be scaled up to a larger show. The show lengths range from 2:45 – 3:45, but can be re-run once batteries are changed after each show.


Custom drone shows can be scaled to nearly anything you can think of. Do you want 20? 50? 100? 1000 drones in your show? We can do that, and can work with you on the concept and design of the show, providing a mock-up and 3D animation of the show prior to the sale. Custom drone show flight times are 7-8 minutes. Back-up batteries can be on hand so that upon landing, the drones can immediately launch again once batteries are replaced.

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