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    Residential Lot Photos And Aerial Video- Centerview, Mo – Johnson County

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    Project description:

    Please think about this like it was your lot you are selling – show off the best attributes and angles. Note: we would like traditional photos taken of the lot from eye level with a hand held camera in addition to drone photos and video.

    List of eye level shots with handheld camera:
    Shots of surrounding homes
    Shot both directions down the Road including the lot in the side of the picture
    Shots from each corner of the lot facing towards the lot in a few directions
    For road frontage shots – please take from the opposite side of the street with the road in the bottom of the picture (no closeups of trees please)
    Any other shots of interest
    Shots showing closest utility poles (power/telephone) or water, sewer service
    A few shots in different directions of the lot including any features on the land (creek, water pipe, unusual tree, anything)

    Lost of drone photos/video:
    Aerial photos of the property looking down at an angle from each side
    Looking over the top of the lot north, s, e, west. please include higher altitude shots with NW 105th and Highway 50 in the frame
    Aerial photos of the property looking straight down getting the entire lot in the frame
    Aerial flyover video a few angles at various heights (eye-level and higher altitude) including one high pan, reveals from various sides, one orbit, birds eye
    straight down while increasing altitude

    Bring a GPS device (garmin) or download driving directions prior to leaving – areas are rural with potential for cell service interruption. We highly recommend the app OnX Hunt – get a 7 day free trial – easily see property lines when you are on site and doesn’t require cell service. GPS coordinates and aerial outline of lot will be provided – address in location is approximate – do not use for directions to property – details to follow after job acceptance

    Please write a description of the area and neighboring lots — condition of roads getting to property, easy/hard to find, quiet/loud, private, neighbors have nicely kept properties or not, any trash, dumping, funny smells, loud noises, dumped appliances, toxic sludge, etc.

    Take pictures in middle of morning or middle of afternoon – just not height of day or closer to sunrise/sunset
    Take on a sunny/blue sky day with no snow on the ground

    Label all pictures (example – shot from southern property line looking north)
    No editing needed – raw video and photo files delivered via google drive, dropbox, or similar file transfer service

    Pick up a “For Sale” yard sign with metal stake from Home Depot or Lowe’s (Can be purchased for ~$10-15). Write our phone number on the sign in bold with a sharpie on both sides – place the sign in the ground on the lot in a visible location with the sign perpendicular to the road so it can be seen coming from both directions. Take a picture of the sign on the lot.

    Thank you for your interested in this listing. We are investors who buy and sell lend regularly and if we have a good working relationship there will be lots more jobs to come


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