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    10 acre park in Houston

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    Project description:

    Hi there,

      I’m looking for some information about the services you provide.  If calling me would be easier than answering all these questions in an email, please do so 570-259-7942.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message with your name and I’ll call you back ASAP.

    FIRST: Our budget IS NOT $100. We are asking YOU for an approximate estimate so we can work it into our estimate proposal for our clients, so please don’t be confused by the $100 budget – we are looking for professionals, we know professionals charge what they charge for a reason, we’re not looking to tell you what to charge, you tell us.


    Here’s the deal: I work for an architectural photographer and we are looking to contract with drone operators for some still photographs for some upcoming projects this summer. We are currently pricing these out with our clients now, and we would need to get an idea of what services you offer and how much you charge so we can include these in our estimates and hopefully move forward if our clients are on board. 


    I guess my main questions are how do you price? is it by the day and half day or do you use other criteria?  Is there a difference in price for the number of shots provided (i.e. 4 shots versus 8 shots) or is it strictly by time?


    What camera and drone do you use?


    Do you ever release the RAW images to your clients?  We may prefer this route so all the photographs have the same aesthetic, especially because this is architectural photography, which greatly varies from other types of photography especially when it comes to editing. 


    Are you legally and fully insured? Do you have certified pilots on site with you at all times?


    If you’re not turned off by all our questions already (sorry – we’ve never worked with drones or drone operators before and are excited, but also cautious) we would love to know:


    Turn key price for half day of shooting or 4 shots minimum. Includes final edited high res files.  

    Turn key price for full day of shooting or 8 shots minimum. Includes final edited high res files.

    Adjusted prices if we do the editing..  You provide the RAW files, and we do the post production. 

    Lastly, Prices if video footage was included and how exactly that works. Like edited versus unedited, and what “edited” would actually include and what deliverables you would provide. 


    Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this and answer our questions.  We are actually based in North Carolina, but are reaching out to drone operators in the Houston area because we have a project photographing a 10 acre public park there this summer.  


    Thanks again!



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