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    • keith D davis UAV Pilot 0 review
    • Aerial Photography and videos
    • commercial/industrial inspection
    • FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot
    • thermal imagery and analysis


    Greetings, I have always had an affinity towards the wild blue yonder, who doesn’t right. To soar like an eagle through the sky. As a child and adolescent, I had many model RC flyers(with many crashing), and moving to todays advanced quadcopters(with a lot less crashing), there is nothing I enjoy better then that unique view from above. That different view. Flying as a hobbyist for many years and knowing how this new UAS technology could be useful in many sectors. I have trained and studied many fields and how UAS’s could be employed. With this in mind, I became a FAA Certified 107 Pilot in 2018. Since then I have conducted dozens of commercial flights. I am also a current ITC certified Level I Thermographer. Talking about that different view. Thermal gives us a unique view of our world through temperature. With many useful applications. So if you have a different view you’d like us to share in, let us know.

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