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    • BloojayMedia Aerial Videography/Photography/Mapping 0 review
    • 360° Aerial Photography
    • 4K Resolution
    • A good photographic eye for camera angles and special effects
    • Aerial cinematography, commercial, tv, beauty shots, sports, high end corporate
    • DJI products


    We are designers & photographers at heart, we love a challenge and are always looking for a way to expand our services and expertise. Bloojay has been in business for almost 10 years in the San Antonio, Central, East & South Texas areas and has taken our photography & eye to the sky offering aerial photography/cinematography services in the San Antonio & Texas area. We have primarily focused our efforts to the commercial real estate industry, however we have also done work in the energy sector and are broadening our horizons as new clients and opportunities present themselves. We have been the official photographers for San Antonio fashion week and are affiliated with the San Antonio International Academy of Design & Technology. Photography is all about a story you want to tell and anyone can tell a story with photos, but is it YOUR story? At Bloojay, this is our goal we strive for with every project and client. “How can we tell Your story the way it SHOULD be told.”

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    • Hourly Rate: $200.00/h
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    • Experience: 3 years
    • Projects worked: 0
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    • Country: United States