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    HUAVPRO-LOGO-SOLID-WEB-copy.png has created the drone jobs portal to allow drone businesses across the globe to access drone jobs posted by recruiters searching for their services. This unique platform is intended to strengthen the growing drone job market to ensure that the highest quality drone operators, pilots, and businesses gain access to jobs so that the market as a whole strengthens and matures for years to come.

    This simple portal will make it easy for drone pilots, operators, and businesses to interact with businesses looking to hire drone operators for work in construction, real estate, mining, oil and gas, inspection, GIS, 3D mapping, video production, aerial photography, special events, concerts, sporting events, and much much more. Also, will be posting contractual jobs on the job platform with the intention of setting up another level of drone operators for consistent work throughout a calendar year.

    Jobs will collect a nominal fee of $5 in order to contact the job poster and gain direct access. does not keep a percent on jobs posted by external recruiters. The $5 fee is simply to keep the job board functioning.

    Please keep in mind that some of these jobs will have specific requirements, such as the requirement for a Section 333 or Part 107 exemption, or in some cases special training. If you have any questions, please contact us.