Hireuavpro.com is here to find you the best aerial drone photographers in Indiana. We'll manage the work order from preflight to the final edit or data transfer. We have worked extensively in Indiana, in major cities such as Indianapolis and have the best aerial photographers standing by to fly for you.


Indiana is a beautiful state in the United States with many rewarding aerial photography vantage points. Hireuavpro.com has worked extensively in Indiana and is familiar with the drone laws and regulations, professional pilots, and the landscape which allows us to be the best outlet for drone aerial photography.

Hireuavpro.com is a global aerial photography resource, providing clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States with high resolution low-altitude aerial photography, both quickly acquired and professionally-edited from our studio in Denver, Colorado. Our operation is capable of handling a large volume of photographic requests, scaling up our operation while maintaining a quick turnaround. The power is in our professional network of over 3,000 aerial photographers and videographers.

We quickly meet your aerial photography needs by deploying the best aerial photographers with years of experience across many industries such as Real Estate, Construction, Special Events, Security, Search & Rescue, Inspection, and News.



Hireuavpro.com, created in 2013, has grown considerably in a short time. The reason for this is due simply to the fact that the members of hireuavpro.com don’t simply post jobs or content related to aerial video, aerial photography, or other types of drone-related projects. We’ve done all this work ourselves, and continue to be a go to source for drone projects in aerial photography and aerial video in Colorado.

In the past 5 years, we’ve been active in every aspect of the drone services we offer. In Denver, Boulder, and all of Colorado and beyond, Hireuavpro.com has worked in TV and Film on various commercial work such as Ford, Coors, documentary television such as Discovery Channel, HGTV, and ABC News, professional aerial photography with local clients such as HFF, Colliers International, JLL, Forrent.com, DJI, aerial video projects locally with many of the same clients, along with shooting ground video to supplement various productions, 3D mapping with clients such as VScenario in San Diego, California, the City of Long Beach, the City of Dallas, live broadcasting consulting and camera operations with Formula One racing in Barcelona and Budapest, and many many more consulting and direct camera operation, technician, pilot in command, and post production responsibilities.

What this means for you is we aren’t simply a listing website of 1000’s of pilots across the globe whom we know, have worked with, and continue to work with, but we are also the company to trust if you want a production, aerial photography, aerial video, mapping, or city drone program done the right way. Our outreach is constant, having appeared as a recruiter, presenter, and exhibitor at dozens of industry trade shows, conferences, and special events. We’ve continued this outreach, working with STEM-related programs in both Oklahoma and Colorado, as well as offering free library programs to inner city youth interested in drones as a career.