Our main goal is to get you a drone pilot that is of the highest quality and that can perform the services that you wish. Whether looking for aerial photographs or video for your production needs, or needing more for construction, real estate development, or precision agriculture, knows the professionals and are here to get you the right people for the job. We will do all the work for you and make sure you get a fair price, quality production, and a safety first drone business.



Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.06.24 PMReal Estate Development can get you a drone pilot anywhere your Construction, architecture, or commercial and residential real estate company is building and perform construction inspections, aerial photography of the development, or even motion track in 3D models and render out a future view of your development as it would look if already constructed. Finally, we can produce a finished copy including motion graphics, professional sound and music, and a clean overall look so that you can present this and wow your clients. Our pilot network allows us to do this anywhere in the world and fast!


Video ProductionScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.13.32 PM

Within our pilot network are many highly-trained professional drone operators and businesses that are skilled at working on a set. Whether filming a movie, TV show, music video, or a small film production or wedding, we can get you the professional that will do the best work for the job. On the back end, works directly with a production company that can guide you through your options at the very beginning regarding your own production. So, if you want to shoot an event or wedding, we can book you a drone pilot or operator while simultaneously guiding you through the steps to creating your production.


Precision Agriculture

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Drones and agriculture have created a much more precise way to improve a farmer’s yield through much more detailed measurement of agricultural fields. Drones fly a precise pattern over an agricultural field and return a clear, detailed report on how a farmer can improve the health of their crops. Precision agriculture is really heating up in areas like the midwest for large scale crop operations, as well as in places like California where growing grapes for wine is big industry. Through’s partnership with UAS Professionals, Inc., we have a direct link to the industry professionals.




Many structures such as cellphone towers, wind turbines, CSP towers, smokestacks, and pipelines, have long required visual inspection by photographers that need to climb, adding human risk to the inspection for audits. Drones have the ability to do just as efficient a job at inspection, RF scanning, IR inspection, LIDAR, 3D mapping of signals, emissions, and multi-spectral analysis. The drone is the ultimate tool that can gather all the same data while greatly reducing the time and risk to humans. All that you need is a vast network of drone pilots and businesses and a central business that knows how to achieve these types of missions. That’s where excels. We provide support to a vast network of experienced drone pilots to facilitate, reduce costs, and reduce the liability of your business.





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  1. Southern Oregon Drone  |  

    Great Idea! I’ve already received some inquiries from customers in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

  2. UAVpros  |  

    Thank you Southern Oregon Drone! And thanks for signing up – here’s to big business in this industry!

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