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    As the owner of a sUAS company, the sUAS business development lead at a global engineering firm, and an approved Section 333 exemption petition author I’m an avid proponent of the many positive uses of UAV technology.  

    What started as a hobby building and flying UAV’s has combined with my engineering background to showcase the advantages UAV technology can provide.  As a fully insured UAV operator Vantage Aerial Media has experience using UAV’s to:

    • Conduct telecommunication tower inspections
    • Develop 3D models of existing infrastructure, topography capture, and volume calculations 
    • Create video and photo simulations to demonstrate visual impacts of a proposed project
    • Create detailed orthomosaics via autonomous flight
    • Monitor construction progress
    • Capture videos and photos for marketing campaigns

    Our go to platform is the DJI S1000 Plus paired with a Panasonic GH4 for 4k video or the Sony A7R for high resolution (36 MP) photos.  Additional aerial platforms and payloads are available.  

    Ryan Baker | Director of sUAS Fight Operations |

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