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    • >5 year Video editing experience
    • 4K Resolution
    • A good photographic eye for camera angles and special effects, as well as knowledge of audio effects
    • Adobe Premiere Pro
    • UAV Operator


    Hello and thank you for reviewing my profile. I am a graphic/multimedia designer that has been working with illustration, print, video, and sound for over 27 years. I have designed and marketed for numerous industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, the car industry, hospitality, art galleries and performance art.

    For the past 5 years I have been working as the Communications Designer for a general construction contractor firm, heading their branding, promotional graphics and video, as well as coordinating proposals and presentations to be awarded contracts. Two years ago, I took up the responsibility of being their in-house UAV drone operator, filming breath-taking, client wowing, project shots. My drone operations entail filming and photographing projects through different phases of their construction, as well as showing off the beauty of the final product. 

    I am currently taking on freelance drone operations and/or production editing. I am a fully licensed Remote Pilot in Command, Cert# 4168635. My drone has 4K video capabilities, takes 20-megapixel photo stills. I have and master every tool necessary to handle photo/video editing and to provide a finished production. 

    Unfortunately, I currently cannot take on work with vertical construction contractors. It would be a conflict to my position with my current full-time employers, which I have the fullest respect for. I will except projects for roadway construction firms as well as anything else that needs drone, graphic, and audio/video work.

    I look forward to working with you and to add WOW into your projects.

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