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    Fri, Jan 11, 2:00 PM


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              My name is Jared Nelson.  I am a professional drone and helicopter pilot, and the owner of Green Bee, a drone photography company.  I just moved back home, to Portland, from Denver.  I’ll keep this email simple.  Below are my prices, the benefits of drone photography, and reasons to use my company.
    $200 – Aerial Stills
    $400 – Aerial Stills with an edited Video
    To keep it simple, I do flat rate pricing for Real Estate, and both packages include exterior ground photos and editing.


    Benefits of Drone Photography
    Showing the Neighborhood and Area  With drone photography I can show the property, as well as the surrounding area.  Letting people see the neighborhood, stores, skyline, and any other nearby attractions.
    Capturing Views  With drone photography you can capture views that can’t be seen from the ground.   I can include the property as well as the view in the same photo by putting the property in the foreground and view in the background, from above.
    Vacant Land  The trouble with shooting vacant land is it’s hard to show from the ground.  From above you can show what whole the property looks like, where the building site is, and show current aerial views when Google isn’t up to date.
    Large Properties  It is difficult to show large properties from the ground.  Large commercial properties, luxury homes, or properties with lots of landscaping can be captured and shown easily from the air.
    Video  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well video is thousands of pictures.  With video I can do most anything you can think of.  I make Real Estate videos, and my footage has been used in anything from Real Estate to car commercials to Paul McCartney music videos. 
    Leaving a Good Impression  Using drone photography shows the seller you’re going the extra mile for them.
    Reasons to Use Green Bee:
    I’ve done over 2,500 Real Estate shoots.  Which leaves me with more experience than 99% of all other drone pilots.  I can get all the correct angles, and know what I’m doing.   

    I’ve been flying for over ten years, and have both a helicopter and drone license.
    I’m fully insured up to $2,000,000.
    I have a 24 hour turn around policy.
    I use the best equipment.  Including a mobile office allowing me to charge equipment and edit photos and videos on site if needed.
    In Denver I was the main drone operator for many of the Real Estate companies and photography companies.
    I’m fully insured up to $2,000,000. 
    Please feel free to call, or visit or for more information.


    Jared Nelson
    Green Bee UAV 

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