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    • deslatham frayintermedia 0 review
    • >5 year Video editing experience
    • 1 hour flight
    • 360 aerial video
    • 4K Resolution
    • A good photographic eye for camera angles and special effects, as well as knowledge of audio effects


    I work with frayintermedia in South Africa as a registered drone pilot. I am also a pilot and use both the drone and pilots license in order to carry out tasks required. My skills in video editing are advanced, having produced documentaries and other formats for 25 years. I also travel regularly globally, but particularly in Africa and have experience in remote operations. Having a military and police background, as well as being a practicing journalist, has also meant that our services are of a higher quality to those seeking multiple drone solutions. 

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    • Hourly Rate: $50.00/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 30 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: $0.00
    • Country: South Africa