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    I have over 20 years of experience as a director, editor and videographer. For AMS Pictures I have planned and managed every detail of any kind of production you can imagine, including multi-camera studio shoots, location productions and live events. I’m the Director of Photography on numerous productions for nationally broadcast programs, including highly acclaimed documentaries I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash on the History Channel, Rising from the Rails: The Story of the Pullman Porter on the WGN Network, Verizon’s Road to the Finals on the GMC Network, Chuck’s Eat the Street on Cooking Channel, Murder Made Me Famous, Scandal Made Me Famous and Price of Fame on The Reelz Channel. Since 2001, I’ve been digital media manager for the Texas Education Agency’s statewide GEAR UP project, along with many other AMS Public Interest productions for agencies such as the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. For GEAR UP alone, I have shot and edited more than 100 videos featuring students, teachers, school administrators, counselors and parents, as well as hundreds of hours of location footage at secondary schools and colleges in every corner of the state. My videos are on display in the many, many finished videos on the Texas GEAR UP website, and in PSAs for the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Utah Department of Health (to name just a few).

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