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Amazon hiring for "Drone Team"

Amazon appears to remain committed to bringing goods to customers via drone, or UAV, and has recently begun to post job listings for various positions inside the company. In an industry as advanced and new as drone delivery it should be expected that these job postings are anything but the normal job listing. They do not disappoint.

Communications Manager:

“high-visibility position where you’ll work directly with Amazon senior executives. . . . You move very fast and think big. ”

“comfortable dealing with ambiguity and able to form a cohesive and effective outcome from potentially incongruous facts.”

These are not your common job requirements. For most, it’s hard to even discern what that means. It’s possible that no one is qualified for the position because this type of service on this scale has never been attempted, and the logistics pose a nightmare from individual liability up to conflicts within FAA airspace.

Amazon also seeks a lawyer specializing in drone patents, and a PR person who will, no doubt, have their hands full trying to paint a rosy picture as half the country goes up in arms over the astounding numbers of drones filling the skies.

article courtesy: Forbes

Hire UAV Pro: A globally-trusted network of UAV/Drone pilots

Hire UAV started as a free listing site specifically for those that specialize in aerial film and photography globally. However, as novel as an idea as it seemed, it has quickly been a popular website.

That is why is looking to create a network of trusted UAV/drone pilots that will work in their region with

There are no obligations. It’s quite simple. A request comes to for work and then the work gets pushed to the trusted pilot or business in the location of the project. That’s it!

So, in the coming months, we’ll be adding new functionality and widgets to better ‘certify’ your business. This will go a long way in the future, both with and in your own business, to ensure that people are getting a trusted pilot.


Hire UAV Pro team

New Kickstarter fuses UAVs and Production together in a class is based on the combination of professional and technical UAV piloting with quality creative video, photo, and motion graphic production work. While both skills seem to be plentiful, an artful combination and mastery of both skills is still at a premium.

The future may do away with humans needing to pilot UAVs at all, but so long as they are being piloted by us, the best shots will be by those folks that also have taken the time to procure a creative vision for their products. Introducing the kickstarter training series:

Our goal here is simple; we want to teach the world how to have fun, fly safe, and capture amazing content. The series covers everything from the basics, like choosing a copter and taking off for the first time, to more advanced piloting maneuvers that will make your video the talk of the town. Join us and become a part of the Aerial Revolution!”

You can visit the kickstarter here

Airspace: What does the FAA control?

I recently read an article by in which they debunked some myths regarding the FAA that are very key to understand if you are looking to be a part of the UAV industry, and furthermore to advocate for commercial applications.

The following is an excerpt from a SUAS News article:

“The FAA doesn’t control airspace below 400 feet.”

Fact: The FAA controls all airspace from the ground up. This myth is based on confusion with the rules for operating model aircraft, which are quite different from those involving any form of commercial flying operations.

Really, from the ground up?  This confusion has nothing to do with model aircraft rules.  This confusion, on the part of the FAA, has everything to do with Supreme Court Justice Douglas’s writing of the majority opinion in United States v. Causby, which states in part:

We have said that the airspace is a public highway.  Yet it is obvious that if the landowner is to have full enjoyment of the land, he must have exclusive control of the immediate reaches of the enveloping atmosphere.  The landowner owns at least as much of the space above the ground as the can occupy or use in connection with the land.”

While the “immediate reaches of the enveloping atmosphere” were not defined by Douglas, in Smith v. New England Aircraft Company, the Massachusetts Supreme Court set the boundary somewhere between one hundred feet and five hundred feet.
So the United States Supreme Court does not agree that the FAA controls all airspace from the ground up.  While no one is arguing that the FAA should not regulate safety from the ground up, the FAA has no authority to withhold use of this airspace from the landowner, be it for recreational or commercial operations.
So for all the aspiring aerial cinematographers out there, this doesn’t mean you should start disregarding the FAA and local law enforcement agencies. This does, however, provide you with important information on your rights that you should carry with you along with all the safety information you have regarding your own personal aircraft.

Hire UAV Pro certifications

Hire UAV Pro would like to go ahead and not wait for the FAA. Too many things are happening everyday that challenge the advancement of UAV technology due to operators taking risks that no professional business would take.

That is why Hire UAV Pro would like to call on the professional community to start embracing a standard to signify a professional UAV business.



We would love to collaborate and talk with businesses, and in exchange for better promotional visibility on our website we ask for help in getting the certified by badge used to signify elite businesses.

NASA Air Traffic Control Coming for UAVs

NASA has been heavily involved in the development and proper regulation of UAVs in the United States.

The NY Times reports that NASA has been hosting the UAS Aerospace Operations Challenges at several locations to test the ability of UAVs in particular to operate in a simulated airspace, along with other challenges.

Now, NASA will begin building the fully automated air traffic control system for UAVs. The system is coming as more and more large companies like Amazon are pushing for exemptions to begin operating their drone delivery systems.

Similar to real air traffic control systems, the system would monitor things such as real-time weather conditions, buildings, and of course other aircraft. For a UAV, wind can be a particular hazard. Buildings will always be a hazard as UAVs will still be instructed to fly below 400 feet in altitude. This system could also enforce no fly zones and make prosecution of dangerous UAV flights much easier to enforce.

Unlike traditional air traffic control, this would be an accessible system of algorithms that could be used on home computers pre-flight.

In the long run, this system will be beneficial to everyone in the industry to further standards of UAV flights, creating a real need for UAV professionals and eliminating the sometimes hazardous hobbyist flights that are making news headlines seemingly everyday.



Episode 1: Introduction to UAVs with Autonomous Avionics has rolled out its very first episode for the UAV community. We intend to highlight some industry knowledge so that getting into this exploding technology is not as difficult. We also plan to impart as much knowledge as possible so that safe, responsible pilots take to the skies. If we can a highly-skilled community of responsible pilots, we’ll be able to ease the FAA and societal hesitancy towards drones.

Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics along with Ideascape Media – our inhouse production team – are helping to produce this series. Bernie has over a decade of industry knowledge down to a level most of us will never get, but he has a knack for explaining technical concepts and showing us how to do things on our own that are vital to any UAV business.

So stay tuned as we continue to update the website and youtube with our new video series. Episode is focused on an introduction to some simple concepts and technologies. As we delve deeper, we’ll show you how to do tasks such as solder, tune a gimbal, properly work with batteries, as well as discuss some of the legal, insurance, and general good practices to follow if you’re building your UAV business.

We are also open to collaborating with businesses so they may gain more exposure. Our channel will grow rapidly and we are open to travel to you to help you produce your video.

Amazon Drone Store

Amazon continues to show they are interest in becoming a leader in both utilizing drones for delivery, and now for selling the equipment view the new Amazon drone store store section of their website.

Amazon is hoping that the world will turn to them to buy their drone equipment, trying to build the network of accessories and drones globally to make purchasing for hobbyists and professionals easier.

But not everyone is excited over this new rollout. The ease with which new folks can buy and use their drone is what is scaring some people. Amazon, on the other hand, sees it as a needed business venture with the drone market set to blossom into a $70 billion global industry.

New Episodes: The DJI Phantom Complete Overview for Filmmaking

Sure, there is a ton of information out there about the DJI Phantom. But we wanted to showcase the phantom for what most are using it for: a platform to capture stunning video both for a hobbyist or a professional.

It starts with the sleek design. The Phantom has an unmistakable white body which keeps the wiring tucked away. That, and its boxey landing gear are what most folks see when they look up to the sound of a drone.

What’s more important is what the Phantom represents. It is the gateway into this industry. And if it’s as far as you get, you’ve done well. It is ready-to-fly, easy-to-fly, and has features for safety and control that you’ll see on $20,000 rigs for 1/20th the price.

Watch as drone expert at Autonomous Avionics Bernie Hoffman talks us through the DJI Phantom: