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Black box locator AUV

The U.S. Navy, in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet, will be unveiling a black box locator AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) to their arsenal as the search continues.

The UAV dives down into the ocean, “listening” for pings coming from the black box. It can then triangulate these pings and hone in on the signal, allowing search teams to find the object.

Poor weather conditions have caused the search effort to delay, but these AUVs can dodge poor above water conditions by diving to a depth as low as 20,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. The Towed Pinger Locator (TPL 25) is one of several autonomous vehicles that are at the disposal of U.S. armed forces.

States deciding how to enforce UAVs


Apparently 35 states are considering drone legislation this year, fearing that an all out attack of the skies by UAV operators could pose a big risk to the public’s safety and privacy. The state action is being pushed by privacy watch down organizations like Citizen Education Project in Utah. This includes restricting how local law enforcement can use the technology. But, as we are starting to see more and more, these groups seemingly represent a sandbag in the way of a major flood of people and businesses devoting time and resources to getting into the UAV industry. Not only that, but the time and cost savings of UAVs for fire and police has been immense. Read the full UAV article here

Panono and a UAV = Awesome

The Panono Ball Camera is the photographer and drone/UAV-ographers dream. It is a ball with multiple cameras and an accelerometer inside that, when thrown in the air, judges the peak of that throw at which point it unleashes a 360 degree snapshot.

The applications for the Panono, which started as a kickstarter, are endless. And if you are a UAV pilot, this camera could take your Golf Course or Real Estate business to the next level, or at least make it much easier to capture panoramics.

At $549, the price is quite reasonable, though you’ll have to wait in line. Panono cameras are not currently available.

And if you want to know about how to use with a drone, try giving the Panono Team a try. They have a Panono with a drone in the shot:


Precision Aerial Ag Show: July 9-10 2014

Precision farming is defined as farm management by way of efficient technologies. The ability of UAVs to cover a large farmland in a short amount of time, while also measuring that field much more precisely and frequently, could make for a huge advancement in farming practices.

This is the exact purpose of the Precision Aerial Ag Show, in Decatur, Illinois July 9-10. Among the events at the conference are:

– Flight demonstrations and UAV digital output presentations

– Authorities speaking about UAV adoption in Ag

– Regulations, liability, and UAV options

– Exhibits and talks from UAV vendors

The event is an AMA-sanctioned event, and it is not too late to sign up for the event. Furthermore, you could also participate in the event if you are a UAV pilot or business. Visit the PAAS website to sign-up or contact the event coordinators for any questions you may have.

This event truly is a unique opportunity to see an outdoor UAV aerial show in the United States.

FAA Enforces Ban on the Commercial Use of UAVs

The lack of FAA rules continue to confuse enforcement agents and citizens.autodesk-octocopter-4

According to the Northern Colorado Business Report, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has begun to enforce its longstanding ban on the commercial use of small-drone technology.

The federal government asked the FAA in 2012 to create a set of drone regulations by September 2015. The FAA expects to publish a proposed rule for small unmanned aircraft – under about 55 pounds – later this year. That proposed rule likely will include provisions for commercial operations.

The FAA has been sending cease-and-desist orders to those it believes are operating in violation of the ban. According to a recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, most of the letters have gone to aerial photographers, journalism professors and tornado researchers.

The FAA wants operators who use drones for commercial gain – including unmanned radio-controlled aircraft – to apply for authorization through the agency. The FAA has yet to determine a cost for applying and has only approved one operation.

The FAA, however, is not requiring people using drones for fun to apply for authorization, just that they follow safety guidelines. Those guidelines include not operating near an airport or heavily populated area and staying below an altitude of 400 feet.

Amazon hiring for "Drone Team"

Amazon appears to remain committed to bringing goods to customers via drone, or UAV, and has recently begun to post job listings for various positions inside the company. In an industry as advanced and new as drone delivery it should be expected that these job postings are anything but the normal job listing. They do not disappoint.

Communications Manager:

“high-visibility position where you’ll work directly with Amazon senior executives. . . . You move very fast and think big. ”

“comfortable dealing with ambiguity and able to form a cohesive and effective outcome from potentially incongruous facts.”

These are not your common job requirements. For most, it’s hard to even discern what that means. It’s possible that no one is qualified for the position because this type of service on this scale has never been attempted, and the logistics pose a nightmare from individual liability up to conflicts within FAA airspace.

Amazon also seeks a lawyer specializing in drone patents, and a PR person who will, no doubt, have their hands full trying to paint a rosy picture as half the country goes up in arms over the astounding numbers of drones filling the skies.

article courtesy: Forbes

Hire UAV Pro: A globally-trusted network of UAV/Drone pilots

Hire UAV started as a free listing site specifically for those that specialize in aerial film and photography globally. However, as novel as an idea as it seemed, it has quickly been a popular website.

That is why is looking to create a network of trusted UAV/drone pilots that will work in their region with

There are no obligations. It’s quite simple. A request comes to for work and then the work gets pushed to the trusted pilot or business in the location of the project. That’s it!

So, in the coming months, we’ll be adding new functionality and widgets to better ‘certify’ your business. This will go a long way in the future, both with and in your own business, to ensure that people are getting a trusted pilot.


Hire UAV Pro team

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